CPJHSA Board Meeting Minutes :: October 7, 2013

Attendance: David Heiser, Nanci Myers, Anna Gustafson, Abbie Little, Megghan Michaud, Tammy Smith, Karen Darney, Maureen Gregory, Carol Ackerman, Betsy Morret, Megan Brodbeck, Mindy Ortenzio and Margie Eldridge

Meeting called to order at: 7:35 p.m.

President’s Report — Dave Heiser started the meeting by congratulating all of the horse show and eq committees for a well run show. Many compliments from trainers and thank you cards. Trainers liked the schedule and two judges for the EQ finals.

Treasurers Report  There will be a few more EQ finals sponsorships that need to be accounted for properly. Motion by Margie to approve the financial statement, second Megan Brodbeck and unanimously approved.
Secretary report — Anna reported that all points are up on the website and current.

Rules Report — First issue- Parent/guardian to be able to vote at annual meeting in place of their child under the age of 15 who is a member in good standing. Motion by Nanci, second by Abbie. Karen presented arguments made in committee for and against. Significant board discussion. Unanimously approved.

Horse show — Megghan reported that show made money, less riders, but push for new members. Dave Heiser would like minutes to reflect the CPJHSA board’s appreciation for a great horse show.

Ways and Means — Maureen commended the committee members and the board for great job with sponsorship; nice job running show.

Clinic —The Stacia Madden clinic is officially full. We have wait lists in every section. Trying to get Stacia to open up another 3ft section to accommodate our members.

Scholarship — Karen reported that there is a meeting this week- 4 applications. Sportsmanship award will also be presented.

Eq finals — Margie presented and had numerous comments on how pleased members were with the EQ finals prizes, sending out thank you letters to sponsors.

Banquet — Mindy and Tammy remain busy getting sponsors, silent auctions, barn challenge items.

Awards — Abbie reported that she is still trying to get remaining trophies.

Old business — Nanci makes motion to approve minutes from previous meeting, Karen seconds and minutes are unanimously approved.

Donation to nonprofit — recommend next board meeting have suggestions on where to donate.

New business — November 23rd week for annual meeting date- checking on openings at Giant and then decide date.

Member raised a concern about making benefit show the last show of the year. Dave offered to contact Swan Lake and offer to trade dates.

Dave thanked the class of 2013 board members and would like Carol, Megan, Betsy to consider running for the new class of board members. We will need a new treasurer as Karen is resigning.

Betsy mentioned that she would like to broaden our venue options for the benefit show.

Next meeting will be annual meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by Mindy, Tammy seconds and meeting is adjourned.

Meeting adjourned 8:55pm