CPJHSA Board Meeting Minutes held on January 6, 2014

Attendance: David Heiser, Candi Becker, Anna Gustafson (phone) Abbie Little, Megghan Watts, Tammy Smith, Maureen Gregory, Teri Mowery, Betsy Morret, Megan Brodbeck Mindy Ortenzio and Margie Eldridge

Excused: Carol Ackerman

Meeting called to order 7:33 pm

President’s Report – Abbie started by thanking Dave for his service last year. He as done a great deal for the organization and the members. Karen Darney also deserves a thank you/token of appreciation for her years of service. Contact list of board members will be circulated next week. Abbie stressed that new chairpersons try to meet with previous chair person/officer for notebooks and boxes.

Treasurers Report – Margie presented- Karen finishing out this years report. Margie is refining budgets for the various committees. Horse show was only committee out of line on budget. It was under budget and entries were under budget – have to figure out a way to increase entries. Either that or expenses need to come down.

Tammy and Mindy brought up that last years Awards Banquet budget was designed to just cover expenses. For 2014, the board will need to decide if we want the banquet to make money or break even? Ticket prices need to go up regardless to cover the costs of the facility.

Secretarys Report – General discussion on increasing memberships.

Horse show – Betsy reported that she is more than happy to hose the Benefit show at Hollyhurst, but if the organization can get a venue like the Farm Show and make money, she would suggest the move. If not, would like to hire a show manager for the day of the show if it is at Hollyhurst.

Candi mentioned that having the entire benefit show at the farm show would be beneficial.

Rules and Bylaws – Dave presented a technical clarification on modified hunter wording in our Rules. The previous Board decided to end show season with benefit show and there is a suggestion by Anna to move up the date for reporting points discrepancy for year-end. This will also give the Awards committee another week to prepare and order prizes. Motion to approve rules made by Candi, Maureen seconds. Changes unanimously approved.

Ways and means – Maureen lead a brief discussion focusing on soliciting more member help on committee.

Awards – Megan Brodbeck – nothing new to report- getting up to speed with Abbie.

Clinic – Megghan Watts indicated that she would like to get committee together.

Banquet – Mindy/Tammy reported that we re-signed at Radisson for next year- that date will be November 1. Only gives the banquet committee one month to solicit after the Benefit Show but they would like to start sooner. Will overlap a touch with horse show.

Old business – none

New business – none

Next meeting first Monday next month at Heritage 7:30pm

Motion to adjourn -Megan Brodbeck, second by Dave and meeting is adjourned at 8:55pm